A Patio Designed to Match the Style of it's Home

Patio designed to match home style 1

I posted in "How to Successfully Design a Paver Patio" that a good design will integrate your patio ideas into pleasing geometry that compliments the architecture of your home.  With help from the customer, we were able to accomplish exactly that in the patio design for this French styled home.

Patio designed to match home style 2

When I first looked at this home, and probably you too, the first items that jumped at me were there are a lot of large rectangular windows, rectangular rooms, and accents as well as the arched brow window in this home.  So, I knew immediately these unique features should influence the patio design.

Patio designed to match home style 3

After a brief discussion with the customer, we were able to compile a list of goals and ideas for a patio design. The first and most important item on their list was, they wanted a large patio for entertaining and they wanted it to be functional for family use as well. The second item was a fire pit area that could easily be converted to an outdoor dining area. And their last request was they wanted a patio that complimented their French styled home.

Patio designed to match home style 4

Initially, the plan was to use all rectangular and right angle geometry in the design, but the large arched window brow above the second floor balcony entrance kept grabbing my attention.  So we incorporated a large arched, paved area for the patio table and outdoor dining into the patio design.

To gain some contrasting interest throughout the entire patio, we used a totally different style of paver to create some rectangular insets for the dining, bbq grill and fire pit areas.  We also framed the entire patio using the same contrasting paver as an inside border.

Patio designed to match home style 5

To compliment the dining area, we designed a grill station with an attached bar for ease of entertaining. These are one of the most functional hardscape accessories you can add to your list of ideas for a patio. They not only provide an area for food preparation, but more importantly, it provides your guests with comfortable seating while you are grilling.

Patio designed to match home style 6

We came up with several fire pit area designs, but to keep it fun, simple and functional, we settled on this design.  A square patio fire pit area with a seat wall for overflow seating and a fire pit that converts to a table.  Perfect!

Patio designed to match home style 7

The customer also wanted us to create a patio design for a hot tub. Being the hot tub was existing, we had to design the patio around it.  Not to shabby for an after thought!

Patio designed to match home style 8

To reflect more of the home style, we also added some formal landscaping around the patio.

Okay. Now you have a good idea of how to use some unique qualities in your home's architecture to influence your patio design. Now, Get Designing!

Learn more how we can help you turn your patio ideas into a functional design on our Custom Patio Designing page.

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