Design of the Week!

The Simple Outdoor Patio Design with Seat Walls and Fire Pit is a fabulous way to create your very own colorful backyard retreat and our downloadable plan will help you make it much more simple and affordable to install. The paver patio and seating walls are fully dimensioned and include installation guides that will show you exactly how to layout and construct. Easy to follow instructions will walk you course-by-course and block-by-block will show you exactly how to construct the warm and cozy fire pit. To make ordering material quick and accurate, we included an itemized material list for the paver patio, seating walls and fire pit. And to make this downloadable plan even better, you can purchase material any where.

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Design of the Week!

Simple.  Affordable.  Yet Beautiful.

We love hanging in the backyard as much as you do, and we know when you're there, you want it to be beautiful and functional.  We also know you like things simple and you have a budget.  To get you there, we offer hundreds of colorful and affordable patio designs with all kinds of different shapes to fit all different styles of homes.  Each displayed in realistic 3D images so you can undoubtedly choose the right patio for you.  And to make your new patio more personal and useful, we also offer designs for all your favorite hardscape accessories as well...grill stations, outdoor fireplaces, pergolas and more.

Packaged in a neat and organized downloadable PDF file, all of our plans will make estimating and building your patio and/or hardscape accessory simple and easy.  Or use the plan to solicit multiple paver contractors collecting competitive bids that will save you lots of time and money.  Learn more of what's included in our downloadable design packages.

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