Grill Station with Bar Design R36

Product Description

The Grill Station with Bar Design R36 design will help you create everything you need when it comes to grilling and socializing. Designed for roll around grills up to 36" wide, this grill station will keep guest comfortable at the bar while you cook with plenty of space to prepare a feast. Built with 4" x 8" x 12" tumbled block, this grill station will have the appeal that is was constructed using an old world stone and will blend perfectly with any paver patio. Assembly is simple and easy with the tumbled patio block...just stack and glue with very few cuts.

    • Downloadable PDF File.  (print to standard 8 1/2" x 11" paper)
    • Full Dimensioned Grill Station Layout.
    • Course-by-Course Installation Instructions.
    • 3D Images Help Understand Installation.
    • Itemized Material List.
    • DIMENSIONS: 90"W x 114”D x approx. 42"T
    • Designed for Roll Around Grills up to 36” Wide.
    • Large Ornamental Bar and Column Countertops.
    • Constructed with 4" x 8" x 12" Tumbled Patio Block.
    • Easy Stack and Glue Construction with Little Cutting!
    $ 12

    We make your patio project

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    Large 3D views.

    Realistic 3D Views.

    Having the assurance of knowing precisely what your new outdoor living area will look like is important. That is why every patio design download from includes 4 to 8 large 3D views of the overall patio. No more guessing, because all of our patios and hardscape accessories are not only drawn to scale, but with the very same material you will install your beautiful patio with.


    Material Lists for patio and all hardscape accessories.

    Material List.

    When we created material lists for our designs, we thought of EVERYTHING.

    A material list that provides quantities for every item and gives you the flexibility to make changes to any part of your project.

    Want to change paver color?  style?  how about pattern?  No problem.

    Since our 3D designs are not manufacture specific, you can choose any paver you like and it will fit right into our design.

    Even a worksheet is designed into our material list so estimating is simple and easy.


    Patios and hardscape accessories are fully dimensioned.

    Fully Dimensioned.

    Having a few pretty pictures for ideas is a nice start, but having a full set of prints that are completely dimensioned is what you need.

    All of our patios and hardscape accessories are fully dimensioned so you can install them to look exactly like the picture.

    From layout to your completed installation, our fully dimensioned patios and hardscape accessories will get you there more quickly and more smoothly.


    All designs include how-to's.

    How To's.

    Installing a patio, an outdoor fireplace or even a kitchen can be a little intimidating and we completely understand. That's why we include step-by-step instructions on how to install the patio and ALL of the hardscape accessories.

    We've applied our expertise to pictures, dimensions, and instructions to our designs so by the time you are ready to install, you'll know exactly what you are doing.


    Paver patterns, installation tips, cross sections and more.

    And Much More...

    To make our design packages complete and help you fully understand your patio project...

    We also include cross section views so you have a better insight to elevations.

    Paver pattern options to get the style you like.

    And helpful installation tips and tricks to assist you along the way.

    We even include a detailed guide on how to hire a paver contractor.


     You Can Buy Material Anywhere!




    Our 3D paver patios are creatively designed to use any paver of your choice. Whether you live in New York, Florida, Texas, California or somewhere in between, your local hardscape supplier will have pavers to fit our design.

    Your pattern...Our doesn't matter. For your convenience we provide some popular paver patterns in every patio design, but don't be afraid to get creative and use your own.


    Tumbled Patio Block

    Tumbled Patio Block.

    When we sat down to design hardscape accessories, we chose a block that was beautiful, stylish, simple to install and most importantly, readily available.

    All of our 3D hardscape accessories are designed with a 4" x 8" x 12" tumbled patio block that comes in assorted colors and is available at most suppliers of hardscape material.


    To make your patio or hardscape accessory construction process go as simple and efficient as possible we include the following in ALL of our downloadable plans.
    • Realistic 3D Aerial Views.
    • Full Dimensioned Layout of Patio and Hardscape Accessories.
    • Easy to Follow Paver Patio Installation Guide.
    • Cross Section Views.
    • Step-by-Step Installation How-to's for ALL Hardscape Accessories.
    • Itemized Material Lists for Patio and Hardscape Accessories.
    • Paver Pattern Options.
    • Installation Tips and Tricks.

    Visit our What's Included page for more details of what your will receive in downloadable design packages.

    After you complete the checkout process your design purchase(s) will immediately be emailed to you in a PDF file.  We recommend you immediately save this file(s) to your computer.
    No worries, once you purchase a design you can re-download that design anytime.
    All of our designs can be printed to a standard 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper.
    If you have questions regarding how to download your design, please call us at 513-519-2416 or email us at and include your name and telephone number.  If you've already purchased or are going to purchase a design and would like expert advice regarding installation, please give us a call, we'll be glad to help.
    Yes.  Our material list will let you choose any color or pattern you like.
    The file you are downloading is not our actual design file, so you will not be able to make changes to it.  However, if you like a design and would like it modified, we can make those changes for you.  Note: The fee for design modification depends on the modification.
    Due to the nature of this product, we are not able to provide refunds.  We offer a large preview of the design as well as a What's Included page that shows everything that is included to assist you in making an informed purchase.
    Either.  If you'd like to install it yourself, please review our What's Included page and make sure you are comfortable with this type of project.  If you plan to hire a contractor to install your patio, the information included in the downloadable plan is perfect for soliciting apple-to-apple bids from local contractors.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Detailed plans

    Nicely detailed plans. Haven't started yet but using it for guidance and finding it very helpful.

    Easy Peasy

    I’ve been wanting to build an outside kitchen for the last 9 years and so far all we have is an empty area of dirt and weeds. My husband is a busy guy so if I wait around on him I might be looking at 2028 before I have a place to cook. What ever is a girl to do? Build it herself, that’s what! I pride myself on being a pretty smart gal but when it comes to construction and exact measurements, I’m not quite as confident...but that is where comes in. I found them on Pinterest and they saved the day. A quick scroll through the designs, enter in a (very reasonable) payment..and wa-la! Everything one needs to build an outdoor kitchen with their easy to understand download. These guys must have wives like me because they make it stupid simple with a complete list of materials needed and instructions that even a monkey could follow! The only thing that could’ve made it any better is if they did the shopping and hauling for me (but thats half the fun!) My kitchen isn’t done yet but so far so good!
    Love this site!


    Exactly what I needed, expected and they delivered.


    Outdoor Kitchen Design B48-187111-Per-HC

    Great Design

    Very detailed design. They make it foolproof.

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