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Downloadable Patio Design Collections

Small and Affordable Patio Designs - 150 to 350 square foot.
150 - 350 Sq. Ft. Patio Designs

Creative and affordable patio designs for smaller areas.
Patio Ideas

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Patio Plans
Downloadable patio designs with everthing you need to price, layout and build your patio.
Shop Hardscape Accessories ~ Fire Pits, Seat Wall, Outdoor Fireplaces and Kitchens
Have a unique custom patio designed for your backyard.
All Patio
Designed to be simply installed.  Every downloadable design is neatly packaged with everything you need to accurately order material, simply layout and easily build your patio.

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Ever More Popular Backyard Patio Designs - 350 to 450 square foot.
350 - 450 Sq. Ft. Patio Designs

Our backyard patio collection features more designs with seating walls, grill stations and fire pits.  Perfect patio designs for families.
Patio Designs for Entertaining Guests - 450 and Up square foot.
450 Sq. Ft. and Up Patio Designs

Great patio designs for fabulous outdoor living and when entertaining is you primary focus.
10 Inspiring DIY Patio Designs.
Beautiful Patio Designs with Cozy Fire Pit Areas.
Warm up Your Backyard with a Patio Designs with an Outdoor Fireplace.
Patio Designs with Pergolas.
Patio Designs with Seat Walls.
Patio Plans
Hardscape Acc.