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Patio Designs by Size

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Buy 2 patio designs get 1 FREE
150 - 350 sq. ft. Plans

Creative and affordable patio designs for homes with smaller areas.
350 - 450 sq. ft. Plans

Backyard patio designs with seat walls, fire pits, grill stations and pergolas.
450 and Up sq. ft. Plans

When fabulous outdoor living and entertaining is your primary focus.

Patio Plans with your Favorite Accessories

DIY Patio Plans
Patio Plans with Fire Pits
Patio Plans with Outdoor Fireplaces
Patio Plans with Pergolas
Patio Designs with Seating Walls
Learn more of how a patio design from can make your project simple and easy.
A patio design from is as much informational as it is beautiful, putting you in full control of your project.  Each design comes with everything you need to price, order and install your paver patio. Or become a much more attractive customer to contractors, soliciting apple-to-apple bids. Either way you will save countless hours and dollars along the way.

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Custom Patio Designs

Starting at $349

Beautiful. Functional. Unique.  Our custom patio designs are simple, they start with you…your ideas, your tastes, your purpose. We blend these together with years of experience and the end result is a stunning patio that instantly becomes an extension of your home and functions to your every need.

True-to-Life.  First glance at one of our 3D patio designs is a mere...WOW...that looks real.  From your home, to the patio, to all the accessories, we deliver a true-to-life replica of the finished result.

You've Got Questions.  We've Got Answers.  This may be your first paver patio, but it's certainly not ours.  We're here to help!  From patio size, material selection, to finding a local distributor, we'll help you every step of the way.

Make Your Patio Unique!

Custom Patio Designs

So Much More Than a Pretty Picture!

Outdoor Fireplace & Fire Pit Designs

Hardscape Accessory Plans

Outdoor Kitchen and Grill Station Designs
Seating Wall Ideas and How-To's
Entrance Steps Designs
Pergola Designs
Paver Patterns and Ideas.
Outdoor Fireplace & Fire Pit Plans

Warm up your patio with one of these easy to install fireplaces or fire pits.
Outdoor Kitchens & Grill Station Plans

Make your kitchen jealous with an outdoor kitchen or grill station.

Seating Wall Ideas and How-To's

Get some great ideas and how-to's to add some privacy and overflow seating to your patio. 
Pergola Plans

Shade your patio with a beautiful cedar pergola. 
Entrance Step Plans

Enter your home in style with one of these elegant stone entrance steps.
Paver Patterns

Choosing the right paver pattern for your patio.  

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How-to's and Ideas to Make Your Paver Patio Installation a Breeze!

We help bring your patio ideas to life with how-to's and easy to follow instructions that will make your paver patio installation simple and easy.  Whether you are installing a paver patio from scratch or over an existing concrete patio, we will guide you every step of the way.

How to install a paver patio.
How to install pavers over an existing concrete patio.
How to install a larger paver patio over an existing smaller concrete patio.
Shop Patio Design ~ All Designs $24.95
Shop Hardscape Accessories ~ Fire Pits, Seat Wall, Outdoor Fireplaces and Kitchens
Have a unique custom patio designed for your backyard.
Small Patio Designs 150-350 square feet
Backyard Patio Designs 350-450 square feet
Large Patio Designs for Entertaining 450 plus square feet.