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Paver patterns are great way to add a little more interest to your patio design.  But before we get too carried away with design need to know one thing.  Regardless of what pattern you choose, your decision to use pavers is going to make your patio look good.  But we want it to look great!

So how do I choose a pattern for my paver patio?  Well it's all relative to the space your laying the pattern in.  We usually follow the basic guideline of larger pavers for larger spaces or smaller pavers for smaller spaces.  So if you're installing a  10' x 10' or 100 square foot patio, you probably want to shy away from a 24" x 24" paver combined with slightly smaller ones.  Why?  Because the larger paver pattern will not be appreciated in such a small space.

Also think about the style you are targeting.  If you want more of a random look to your pattern, choose one that utilizes 3 or 4 different size pavers.  On the other hand, if your style needs some structure, concentrate on patterns with 1 or 2 different paver sizes.

You should always use a pattern with pavers.  Patterns = Consistency = Easier Installation.

Paver Patterns.

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Understanding the Pattern Download.

To those who have never installed a paver patio and used a pattern guide, they can be a little confusing.  The first thing to understand is that other than big box stores who sell individual pavers, the rest of the industry, contractors, distributors and even us, work with square footage of pavers.  Our material list in all of our designs quantifies pavers in square footage.  Contractors base installation on how many square feet of pavers they are installing.  And most pattern guides work with square footage as well.  Also, pattern guides will list what size pavers fit the what patterns.

When figuring how many square feet of each paver you will need for a given pattern, you will only include the pattern area of your patio, also referred to as the field pavers, and not the borders.
Calculating Paver Square Footage for a Given Pattern.

Let's say you have a field paver area of  20' x 20' or 400 square foot and you want to use the Muster K (shown to the left, Figure A), which uses a combination of 6" x 6" squares and 6" x 9" rectangles to form the pattern.  The guide is simply stating that an area with a Muster K pattern will have 30% squares and 70% rectangles.

To calculate how many squares and rectangles you will need in our example of 400 square feet.

Square Pavers (30%):  400 square feet x .3 (30%) = 120 square feet

Rectangle Pavers (70%):  400 square feet x .7 (70%) = 280 square feet

So you would need to order:
  • 120 square feet of square pavers
  • 280 square feet of rectangle pavers
Figure A
Converting Paver Square Footage to Individual Pieces.

In order to calculate how many individual paver pieces you will need for your patio, you have to know 2 things.  First you have to know how many square feet of each size paver necessary to cover your patio.  In the above example, we need 120 square feet of squares and 280 square feet of rectangles.  The second item you need to know is the square feet of each size paver you are using.  In the above example we are using 6" x 6" squares and 6" x 9" rectangles and we need to convert the inches into square feet.  There are 144 square inches in 1 square foot:  12" x 12" = 144 square inches.

Calculate Square Footage of Individual Pavers

Take the square inches of each paver size and divide by 144 square inches (1 square foot)

Square Paver:  6" x 6" = 36 square inches
36 square inches/144 square inches = .25 square feet

Rectangle Paver: 6" x 9" = 54 square inches
54 square inches / 144 square inches = .375 square feet

Each square paver covers .25 square feet and each rectangle covers .375 square feet

Calculating How Many Individual Pavers Needed for 400 sq. ft. Patio

Take total square footage of squares divided by the square paver square footage.

Square Paver:  120 square foot / .25 square foot = 480 pieces

Rectangle Paver:  280 square feet / .375 = 747 pieces

For our 400 square foot patio you would need:
480 square pavers
747 rectangle pavers

Paver Pattern Ideas for Your Patio.

Plan No. 1126rr

This beautiful 387 square foot patio uses 2 circle paver patterns to distinguish the fire pit and dining areas from the rest of the patio.  We also designed a darker border paver to frame the entire patio and these 2 spaces to give all a little more definition.

View more information and download this patio plan.
387 square foot patio design with cirlce paver patterns and fire pit area.
Plan No. 1087rr

With this hot tub patio design we got creative with some basic patterns.  The fire pit area is identified by a darker contrasting circle paver pattern. While the dining and hot tub areas are laid using a Muster P pattern (see 3 & 4 Piece Paver Pattern download above).  To give the whole patio a little more appeal, we layered each area one over the other giving it an overlapping feel.

View more information and download this patio plan.
433 square foot patio design circle paver pattern, seat walls, fire pit and hot tub areas.
Plan No. 1130rr

It's all about the contrast!  With Plan No. 1130 we used a large rustic tumbled paver in a simple running bond pattern for the dining area.  And contrasted it with a darker, much smaller brick paver in a herringbone pattern for the fireplace area.  To give the whole patio a little more flare, we designed contrasting double border around each area.

View more information and download this patio plan.
553 square foot patio design with contrasting paver patterns, grill station, cedar pergola and outdoor fireplace.
Plan No. 1017rr

To separate 2 areas more subtly, use the same paver blend and pattern for both, but distinguish the areas with a contrasting border.  Our Fun, Family Patio (plan no. 1017rr) does exactly that.

View more information and download this patio plan.
438 square foot patio design with seating walls, built-in fire pit and entrance steps.
Hardscape Acc.

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