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Beautiful curvy patio with pergola.
patio designed with shade.
Patio Designed with Shade
design no. 1129rr
Pergola shades patio with grill pad.
Pergola patio design.
Pergola Patio Design
design no. 1111rr
Backyard Brick Patio Design with Pergola
Simple brick patio with pergola.
Patio design for shade.
Outdoor living space ideas.
Perfect Patio for Entertaining.
Patio Ideas

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Patio Design for Entertaining
Fabulous Patio Designs with Pergolas.  Install the coolest patio in the neighborhood...literally.   When you choose one of our patio designs with a pergola, you're choosing a functional outdoor living space elegantly designed with shade.  Our designs are comprised with one of three cedar pergola sizes, 12' x 12',12' x 14' or 12' x 16'.  And the posts of all three are wrapped with tumbled patio stone, giving the pergola a familiar appeal that it belongs on the patio.

Our patio designs are actually a plan with easy to follow instructions to build the patio of your dreams.  A plan that includes a material list for the patio and all accessories, making pricing and ordering, simple and easy.  A fully dimensioned patio that will guide you through a seamless layout and installation.  How-to's for the pergala and all other hardscape accessories.  And much more.

Fabulous Patio Designs with Pergolas

Shop Hardscape Accessories ~ Fire Pits, Seat Wall, Outdoor Fireplaces and Kitchens
Have a unique custom patio designed for your backyard.
Downloadable designs for small, affordable patios.
downloadable plans

Easy-to-Follow Layouts.  How-to's.  Material List.

Easily price, order and build your dream patio with one of our downloadable patio designs.

What's Included?
Hardscape Acc.

Patio Plans
Backyard Patio Design with Pergola.
Colorful and Curvy Outdoor Living Design
Large Backyard Patio Design with Pergola
Curvy patio with shade.
Curvy Patio with Shade
design no. 1112rr

Large Brick Patio Design with Pergola
Large Brick Patio Design with Outdoor Fireplace
Large Paver Patio Design with Pergola
Large Curvy Patio Design with Grill Station + Bar