Design Details:
  • 437 sq. ft. of Outdoor Living (OAL 29' x 20')
  • Patio Surface Laid with Any Style of Paver. learn more
  • Nice Space for Large Patio Table.
  • Tumbled Block Grill Station for Frills up to 63" Wide (included).  view details
  • Tumbled Block Seating Wall with Columns.
  • 2 Tumbled Block Entrance Steps with 7' Wide Stoop.  view details
  • Landscaping Ideas!
  • Patio Includes Step-by-Step Installation Instructions and Itemized Material List.  learn more

Backyard Patio Design

Backyard Patio Design.
Patio Plan - 407 sq. ft.
Patio Plan - 405 sq. ft.
Patio Plan - 409 sq. ft.
Patio Plan - 411 sq. ft.
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The Patio Design.  Add some color and elegance to your outdoor dining with 437 sq. ft. backyard patio design. Features a grill station for avid BBQr's, a seating wall for overflow seating and 2 steps for a grand entrance into the home. The smooth tumbled block columns add a nice contrasting element to the the rough textured seating wall and are accented with dark band.  

​The Download.  The downloadable patio plan provides you with step-by-step instructions to build the seat wall, grill station and entrance steps as well as a fully dimensioned patio that makes installation a breeze.  With the comprehensive material list you can quickly and accurately price and order material. You can even change colors, blends and patterns on the fly.

Easily take control of your project and get apple-to-apple bids or install it yourself!

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learn more about the material for this plan

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plan no. 1107rr

Price: $24.95
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